DeafBlind World Workshop

DeafBlind World is a workshop designed for organisations and the wider community to understand what it would be like to live with deafblindness.

DBV Group 4

The workshop is presented by Deafblind people. DeafBlind World goes for approximately 2 hours and uses practical learning to improve engagement and communication between Deafblind people and the wider community. Workshops can be tailored to suit your needs.

DeafBlind World is suitable for all professions and sectors including:

  • Transport sector
  • Health and Community services
  • Banking and Financial
  • Arts, Recreation and Leisure
  • Socialising and events
  • Educational institutions
  • Government (Local, State and Federal)
  • Travel and tourism industry
  • workplaces and residence of people with deafblindness
DeafBlind World Workshop with rep from Melbourne City Council
DeafBlind World for Melbourne City Council

DeafBlind World workshops have been extremely well received and have had very positive outcomes including:

  • improving staff and organisational understanding of deafblindness
  • people and staff learning key points for identifying and communicating with people with deafblindness
  • improving services

For organisations, businesses and services who engage with the general public these workshops provide significant insights for providing inclusive services and improving the capacity for staff to be ‘disability aware’.

What participants have said:

DeafBlind World Workshop participants
DeafBlind World for the Public Transport sector

“I write to thank you for the opportunity to attend your enlightening workshop this afternoon. It was a humbling experience to be among so many brave people, and extremely beneficial to have representatives from major public transport stakeholders in attendance. Moving forward, Victoria Police welcomes the opportunity to work with other agencies in creating greater public awareness of the challenges deaf and blind people face when using public transport.

Matthew Fitzsimon – Transit Safety Division, Victoria Police

“I’m the Advisor, Accessibility and Standards for Yarra Trams, and I was lucky enough to attend one of the first Deafblind World workshops that you ran for public transport providers and Victorian Police a couple of months ago.  The experience had a profound effect on me and has changed the way I approach and interact with members of the public”

Kylie Haskayne Advisor, Accessibility & Standards, Yarra Trams

For information about DeafBlind World Workshops, email

DeafBlind World Wokshop at advocacy conference
DeafBlind World at a conference
Welcoming participants to a DeafBlind World Workshop
Welcoming participants to a DeafBlind World workshop

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