Deafblind World Workshop for City of Melbourne and Travellers Aid

On Wednesday 28th September 2022 Deafblind Victoria ran a Deafblind World workshop for City of Melbourne council and Travellers Aid after a long break for two years due to COVID. Three Deafblind presenters ran the workshop as a team along with six interpreters. There were six participants from Travellers  Aid and 10 from City of Melbourne.

DBV received great positive feedback from participants. Thank you to our Deafblind members Rodney Baskett and Sharon Sellick. Sharon travelled to Melbourne from Shepparton to present at the workshop. Also thank you Auslan interpreters for your wonderful teamwork!

“I found the Deafblind World workshop very interesting and informative. The training gave me a new perspective on what it means to be Deafblind. I loved hearing about all the different communication tools that are used by the deafblind community. Heather and Deafblind Victoria team provided an open and judgement-free space where I felt comfortable asking any questions I had. Thanks!”

Greta McMahon – Services Coordinator, Travellers Aid

“I learnt so much and I was challenged, in a good way, and what I learnt has stuck with me, including: How reliant I was on other people to help and guide me, and how much physical touch was necessary. How embarrassed I was that I didn’t know the right language to communicate. How nerve wracking it was to not know what my physical environment was like and having to navigate this. It made me think much more about what it would be like to be Deafblind and moving around the city.”

Bec Wringe,- Manager/Policy Building, City of Melbourne