Deafblind awareness training for Auslan students, 28 Oct 2022

Deafblind Victoria ran the second Deafblind World workshop to 15 Auslan students at Melbourne Polytechnic in Prahran on Friday 28th October 2022. There were two deafblind presenters, Alison Rawson and Heather Lawson, who provided the immersive live experience to students with earplugs, tiny-hole goggles and blindfolds. It was great to watch the students’ efforts to communicate in low vision and tactile Auslan, and for them to share their experience as a deafblind person in the activities. 

We were fortunate to get three Auslan interpreters. We were struggling to find interpreters. Thank you to lovely interpreters.

Some feedback from evaluations from Auslan students:

* I found it really interesting experience and gave more of an insight into the Deafblind world.

*  I learned more about technology assisting Deafblind people, the most effective ways to provide support to Deafblind people and different types of deafblindness.

*  Lots! More on how important tactile skills are.

* I knew it would be confronting and somewhat scary to do. While I was comfortable within the space it made me realise how in real world how hard it would


* How important it is for a CommGuide to explain everything happening in environment. The barriers Deafblind face daily.

*  It’s very helpful to have this type of workshop for Auslan students especially, but other students would benefit from the information in the workshop


* Thanks for running this, it’s a great experience.

* LOVED IT! Thank you for sharing your life with us and educating.