Deafblind Tips 11 – reflective tape

Hi! I’m Andrew. I sometimes have trouble finding my hearing aids case. I can’t remember if I left it in the lounge room, my bedroom or the kitchen. The case is black and hard to see.

I went to Bunnings to buy some reflective safety tape. I cut the tape into the shape of my hearing aids case but it wouldn’t stick, so I used some glue to stick it on. You can see it in the video below.

Now I can use a torch to look for my hearing aids case. The shiny tape makes it flash brightly. Without the tape, it’s really too hard to find at night! I kept losing it. So this idea is great. You just need reflective tape, scissors to cut it into the right shape, and glue. Superglue is best to make sure it stays on strongly.

– Andrew Howard

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