Deafblind Tips at DBV Café

As Deafblind people, we manage our lives differently to hearing and sighted people. We love sharing helpful hints and tips with each other, like how we know which bus has arrived at our stop, how we tell when bananas are ripe, or how we manage when in hospital without interpreters. Some of these ideas can be found in the Deafblind Tips section of our website.

On 15th March 2023 at DBV Café, members shared some of their best tips, including:

  • Adding a hair tie on a shampoo bottle to tell the difference from the conditioner bottle
  • Adding knots to shoelaces to match each shoe with its pair
  • Making your own travel book that helps you travel independently on public transport or in a taxi
  • Live captions on Samsung phones
  • Feeling the outside temperature by touching a window

Thanks to everyone who shared tips, and everyone who came to learn about them! We would love to add your tips to our website. The DBV Connect project has gift vouchers for members who share their skills and knowledge. Contact DBV to arrange to make a post on the website.

The Deafblind Community – Growing Together project is supported by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. Go to for more information.