'Representing the DeafBlind Community in Victoria'

Self Advocacy Resource Units’ 10th birthday celebration

On the 3rd of July, The Self Advocacy Resource unit (SARU, had it’s 10th birthday celebration. It was such an awesome event which was held at Melbourne Town Hall.

Michelle Stevens and Heather Lawson both did a great job at representing DBV. Michelle was her hilarious self as usual, making jokes and played the piano beautifully while Heather made a great speech about DBV and the wonderful team work between SARU and DBV.

There were other speeches from all the self-advocacy groups that SARU support. Councillor Beverly Pinder from Melbourne City Council (MCC) spoke about different self-advocacy groups and mentioned DBV. She talked about how MCC has worked alongside DBV and that they have had a lot of great successes.

DBV was well and truly represented and the message of the Deafblind Community was heard.

A big thank you to SARU for supporting DBV and we are excited for the future work together.

The Open Day of our new office at Deafblind Victoria

Last Wednesday, 2nd of May 2018 – the Open Day of our new office at Deafblind Victoria was a successful afternoon.

We didn’t expect to have as many DB people, the wonderful staff from Ross House Association and couple of important people from Melbourne City of Council and Deaf Victoria.

Our committee member, Heather Lawson gave a brief speech and introduced the 5 of our committee members and our wonderful supporter of a project officer – Mark Sandon.

We have some videos for you to follow up with anyone who might have missed out on joining and celebrating with us.

Thanks to the commGuides and interpreters who came with the Deafblind people.

Deafblind Victoria are still open every Mondays and Fridays from 9-4pm but we will also send you the hours as we will be also opening from Tuesday to Thursday on Facebook soon.

Please know that you are still welcome to pop into our new office at DBV to say hello whenever you are in Ross House Association. Just let us know to arrange a time and we will be there to say hello!

Deafblind Team.

DeafBlind World workshop provided to City of Melbourne staff

Deafblind Victorians provided “Deafblind World” Training to City of Melbourne staff in 2016.
Here is the article and the website link.


Five members of Deaf Blind Victorians (DBV), an energetic independent community group based at Ross House, provided Council staff with a unique opportunity to experience the city as they would. Through an innovative training model where Council staff donned ear plugs and goggles, they had to navigate particular scenarios that deaf blind people experience in our city every day. Working closely with DBV is critical to planning new services such as the renewal of Kings Domain parkland, Queen Victoria Market and the Melbourne Metro Rail project. At the end of the session, we celebrated Deafblind Awareness Week and the birthday of Helen Keller, one of the 20th century’s leading humanitarians.
Here is a link to the full annual report but it is a PDF and has 218 pages.  The article is on page 28.

Deafblind Communication Book

Deafblind Victorians appreciate City of Melbourne for their funding in December 2016 of $14,000 to develop a Deafblind Communications Book.

Deafblind Victorians are currently developing a book for deafblind people to give out to businesses with in their communities so business can have better communication access with deafblind people and how to approach and guide deafblind people.

This book will be ready for publishing in December 2017.