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New resource – how to guide a Deafblind person

DBV has produced a new resource by Heather Lawson with support from Melbourne Polytechnic. It is an 11-minute video showing how to guide a Deafblind person indoors. The following techniques are shown:

  1. Basic guiding
  2. Tables, chairs and objects
  3. Guiding a hand
  4. Stairs
  5. Wheelchair
  6. Walking frame

The video is presented in Auslan and has a spoken English voice-over. Next year, Part 2 will show how to guide outdoors and in the community. Enjoy and share this widely! We would love to see more people confident in guiding us.

New resource – learn the Auslan alphabet from text

There are many styles of communication in the Deafblind community. Some deafblind people grew up using spoken English and now want to learn Auslan. However, most resources for learning Auslan are visual. DBV has produced a new resource for blind and deafblind people, with a text description of the the Auslan alphabet showing each letter’s handshape, position and movement. This resource can be accessed in braille, through a screen reader, or in large print.

There are three versions: the Auslan alphabet for right-handed people, the Auslan alphabet for left-handed people, and Deafblind palm fingerspelling. This resource was developed by our wonderful volunteer KJ who continues to support DBV from home while we are in lockdown. We welcome feedback! Let us know if you found this guide useful, or if we can improve it in any way. You can download the resource by clicking on the links below for your preferred version: