Tech Talk – Explorer 12 CCTV by Humanware

DBV member Andrew talks about the new Explorer 13 CCTV.

DBV member Andrew talks about the Explore 12 CCTV by Humanware

Transcript of video: Hello. My name is Andrew Howard and I’m at Deafblind Victoria today. I want to do a Tech Talk video about some new technology that’s available to purchase from Vision Australia. I’ll show you.

[Andrew holds up a large box that says Humanware Explore 12 with a photo of the CCTV device on the front cover]

This is what the CCTV unit looks like, I’ve just powered it on to get it ready

[Andrew holds up the turned on CCTV unit]

You have options to change the colour of the background and text, for example if you prefer yellow rather than white, and this can help with things like reading newspapers or drawing pictures. The CCTV unit costs $2,325.00 and I was able to get the NDIS to reimburse me some of the costs, which I was happy about. It’s great!