Deafblind tips 10 – Public Transport number signs

Deafblind Victoria member Andrew Howard has a great tip for Deafblind commuters catching Public Transport such the bus or tram, and he made a video in Auslan below.

Andrew says: “Hello. My name is Andrew Howard. I will talk about Public Transport number signs for catching buses and trams. There are two colours: black/yellow and black/white. You can use these when hailing the bus. [Andrew holds up 3 black/yellow number signs that spell 624]

You can insert different numbers into the clear pockets. [Andrew holds up 3 black/white number signs that spell 624]

You can use these number signs here in Australia, or overseas too. You can swap out the numbers for whichever you like, to catch buses and trams. Usually there are 2 or 3 numbers, but sometimes they add a letter, like X. They’re great!”

Heather Lawson adds: “When I went to Seattle in America, I noticed they use these number signs to catch the bus. Black/yellow numbers mean the commuter is Deafblind, and the bus driver knows to get out of the bus and help guide the commuter onto the bus. Black/white numbers mean that the commuter is hearing-blind, so the bus driver will call out to them to board the bus.”