Medical trial – new drug for Usher Syndrome RP

DBV member Joseph Heenan visited DBV today to share news about a medical trial that he is involved in. Doctors are testing a new tablet to see if it can help stabilise Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) for people with Usher Syndrome. In the video, Joseph talks in Auslan about the trial. A transcript is below. Joseph doesn’t know if he is taking the real medicine or a placebo! If you want to join the study, click here for more information.

Joseph Heenan talks in Auslan about a clinical trial of a new medicine for RP and Usher Syndrome

Transcript: Hello, my name is Joseph Heenan. I have Usher Syndrome. I’m visiting to tell you about a new medial trial for people with Usher Syndrome. Here are the tablets that I will take for 2 years. You can join the trial too – download the flyer and send them an email to make arrangements. You can test the medicine for 2 years to see if it helps keep your RP stable. It won’t improve your condition but it might stop it from getting worse. Good luck!