Deafblind Awareness Training for the NDIA and Community Partners

On Friday 3rd December 2021, Deafblind Australia (DBA) joined with

Deafblind Victoria (DBV) to run a Deafblind Awareness workshop for NDIA and community Partners.

17 Participants, a mix of Tasmanian and Victoria staffs attended.

DBV presenters worked together in the same room at Ross House, located in Melbourne and the participants joined online through MS Teams.


Four Deafblind presenters shared information to help NDIA improve

their understanding of the Deafblind Community, its unique culture, language, and technology.

 Attendees of the workshop said the session was valuable and

informative. A big THANK YOU to everyone at DBV, DBA, and NDIA who helped make this great workshop happen, especially to our presenters;

Joe Monteleone, Heather Lawson, Alex Sar and Michelle Stevens, their interpreters and Commguides.