DBV member survey 2020 – results

Thank you to all who filled out a survey – the results are in! They paint an interesting picture of the lives of deafblind Victorians, the barriers they face, and what they want from DBV. You can download a full copy of the report by clicking here (3 page PDF file).

Download the survey report here

The survey shows that communication is the biggest barrier that deafblind people in Victoria face. They also experience barriers to travel, and a lack of support services. Most members use communication guides and interpreters, and a lack of these services was a big concern for DBV members. Every person who uses them has had to cancel plans due to not being able to get a commguide or interpreter.

Members wanted DBV to continue to educate the wider community about deafblindness. In particular, they wanted hearing/sighted people to have more patience, respect and knowledge of the diversity of deafblind people.

They value the monthly Deafblind Café social events, and the most popular topic for a future café event was emergency services – stay tuned! Many also said they didn’t know what “advocacy” means, and many don’t feel confident to speak up when something is not right. DBV will continue to work to strengthen the deafblind community as self-advocates.

The survey is still online and we are taking more responses for a future update. If you haven’t filled it in yet, you can do so by clicking here.