Deafblind awareness for construction company

As Deafblind people, there are particular ways we move around built environments. Things like roads and paths, buildings, stairs and lifts, rails and signs can make our mobility in the community harder, or easier if they are done right!

Lendlease is a construction company that works on projects near DBV in the Melbourne CBD, including the Metro Tunnel project. We were really pleased when staff from their design team attended a workshop last year to learn more about how these projects can include deafblind access considerations. The feedback from this workshop last year was very positive, and Steven Weir from Lendlease arranged for a second workshop for staff who work on the building sites.

The workshop took place on Thursday 2nd March. Thanks Steven and Lendlease staff for listening to the Deafblind community and learning about how we experience the world! We look forward to more Deafblind-friendly city of Melbourne.

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