Member story – Jeanette’s cat Bobyn

Hello everyone, hope you all are well. I just wanted to tell you little story about my cat Bobyn.

My friend gave me kitten, very cute, I fell in love with her. Then 6 years ago, when my husband Frank was in palliative care, my daughter told me that Bobyn was deaf. I was surprised so took her to vet and they confirmed that she was deaf!

Bobyn is very clever, she knew that i am Deafblind. She gets my attention by tapping my leg or shoulder when she wants something. She is very affectionate; loves to nap on my legs and sleep with me in my bed. Loves my support worker Jess too when she came here to support me. Jess always brush Bobyn outside and loves it, meow a lot too.

Unfortunately sadly I had to put her to sleep on June 7th as she has stomach cancer. Only 11 half years young.

I will miss her so very much for ever! I had her cremated. Now i have urn and necklace. Great loving memories of Bobyn.

By Jeanette Loftus.

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