Tech talk – Live captions on Samsung phones

DBV member Joseph signing about Samsung live captions.

DBV member Joseph discusses how to use live captions on Samsung smartphones

Hello Deafblind Victoria, my name is Joseph Heenan. I want to show you a feature on new Samsung phones, 21 & 22. They have live captions! Its really interesting. I filmed someone giving a speech, and I played the video back to my mum the next day. The captions were on it. With swearing! Oh my god. So embarrassing. If there were no captions, she wouldn’t have noticed. Luckily she didn’t care.

I’ll show you.

You can use live captions on any type of video, like YouTube or the television. If they don’t have captions, you can use the phone instead. It’s much faster than regular captions on TV. You can compare them and see the difference.

One thing: you need a “high end” phone if you want fast captions.

[How do you turn them on?]

Click on accessibility settings, then hearing, then tick the button for live captions. You can control the colour and size of the captions. Thanks!

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