DeafBlind World workshop with Bendigo Deaf Hub and Deaf Victoria

Deafblind Victoria members Joe & Heather with interpreters

On Thursday 25th November 2021 Deafblind Victoria ran their first regional Deafblind World workshop with Bendigo Deaf Hub (BDH) online via zoom.

Due to lockdown restrictions between regional Victoria and Melbourne area, Deafblind Victoria had to postpone their visit to the Bendigo Deaf Hub for many months unfortunately.

However with regular meetings between DBV and BDH online through facetime, zoom and emails, we were all very determined to work together on still having the Deafblind Workshop and decided to try deliver it online via Zoom.

Participants attending the workshop online via Zoom

At DBV we created our first ever Deafblind Experience Kit with some props such as blindfolds and earplugs, activity sheets and resources which we posted out to the participants before the workshop for them to experience deafblindness from home on the day of the workshop. If we couldn’t meet in person for the workshop we wanted to try bring the experience to them instead.

We are always trying new things like this at DBV.

Of the 15 participants that attended we had a mix of Deaf, Hard of hearing, and hearing people including interpreters, occupational therapists, counsellors, teachers and staff members from Bendigo Deaf Hub and Deaf Victoria.

The workshop was presented by two Deafblind Victoria members, Heather Lawson and Joe Montelone, sharing  various life experiences, information, running activities and answering many questions.

DBV members Joe & Heather presenting online with interpreters nearby

Here is some of the feedback we got from Bendigo Deaf Hub:

“A huge thank you for today’s workshop, it was amazing! It was a massive logistical effort by you all.

The Bendigo Deaf Hub team learnt so much from it and all the feedback we have got from participants has been really positive too. We really enjoyed learning about what it is like to experience deafblindness from both Heather and Joe”

Thank you to the Auslan interpreters who worked with DBV for this Deafblind World workshop, often not an easy task when on working online but in the end it really was a great success!

Also thanks to Ntennis and Justin for their support such as with the technology for the Zoom workshops.

-Heather and the team at Deafblind Victoria.