NDIA awareness training workshop

On Tuesday 3rd August, Deafblind Australia (DBA) teamed up with Deafblind Victoria to run a DeafBlind awareness workshop for NDIA workers in metro Melbourne.

Photo description: Michelle seated at a tactile interpreting table demonstrating her Braille display to access her smartphone.

Photo description: Joe presenting in Auslan with Heather sitting nearby with a tactile interpreter.

The workshop was held at Ross House on Flinders lane but because of Covid-19 restrictions DBV could not give their usual DeafBlind-experience activity for the participants to experience. Instead DeafBlind Victoria gave the workshop online by setting up the presenters as a group in a single room and the workshop was held online on Microsoft Teams.

This had been the very first time that DeafBlind Victoria successfully held a Deafblind workshop for NDIA staff members online. Four DeafBlind presenters worked together to present information to further develop the NDIA’s understanding of the DeafBlind Community, DeafBlind culture, language, barriers and technology.

Photo description: Heather sitting with a tactile Auslan interpreter. Attendees and interpreters stand nearby. Another interpreter stands by Heather’s shoulder using haptic interpreting.

We believe this training will help give NDIA staff a better understanding of DeafBlindness and hope it leads to improving future support services and funding that are available to members of the DeafBlind community.

Photo description: Alex presenting with an Auslan interpreter standing by his left side. Michelle is sitting nearby with a tactile Auslan interpreter.

We wish to thank Deafblind Australia for working with DeafBlind Victoria for this workshop.

We would also like to thank the four DeafBlind presenters, Heather Lawson, Joe Monteleone, Alex Sar, and Michelle Stevens along with their interpreters and Commguides.

Thank you everyone for making this a successful day!