DBV lockdown newsletter – first edition

We are pleased to announce the launch of DBV’s new monthly newsletter! We wrote the newsletter to keep members connected while we can’t meet face-to-face. This edition has an update about a DBV project with a job opportunity for Deafblind people, and a home tip for knowing which of your bananas are ripe. You can download it as a one-page Word document (click here) or read it online (click here). In future we hope to make braille, large print and Auslan versions too. We can send you a braille or print paper copy in the mail if you like too – email us with your address to request one.

Do you have something to share with the other members of DBV? You are welcome to contribute! Ideas for self-advocacy, a cooking tip, or what you are doing to keep yourself busy while stuck at home. Email deafblindadvocacy@gmail.com to subscribe or to send us your idea for the next edition.