Deafblind Awareness Week 2020

Helen Keller was born 27 June 1880. Her birthday marks Deafblind Awareness Week.

Deafblind Victoria is excited that the Deafblind Awareness week (DBAW) will be coming up in June this year. This is a special time to celebrate the Deafblind community and a time to raise awareness to the wider community.

This year will be a bit different however – in the past this event was always in person, but this year it will be online via Facebook. This is the time to connect with the Deafblind community, make friends and learn about what is happening with people who are Deafblind around Australia. 

Deafblind Victoria are working alongside Deafblind Australia and other Deafblind organisations and services to organise this special event of DBAW. We would like to invite you and your family members, friends and anyone who is interested to learn about the Deafblind community to be part of this fun and entertaining Facebook event, for more information, please have a look at this link:

Email us for more information or even if you are not able to access Facebook, please let us know.