Expression of Interest – Facilitator for workshops


Exciting Opportunity to join an ongoing project with Deafblind Australia.

Over the next 3 years Project Officers Adrienne Harper-Pike and Ben McAtamney will be facilitating a project aimed at addressing the concerns of the Deafblind community around information gaps and specifically the NDIS.

The project will involve a series of workshops to be held around the country and as part of designing and planning these workshops, they are seeking people with deafblindess to form a reference group to help the Project Officers plan the content that will make up future workshops. They are also asking for expressions of interest from Deafblind community members who are interested in becoming (paid) facilitators of these workshops further along in the project.

Please follow the links here for video information in Auslan with English voice over and English captions:
Call for Expressions of Interest:
Frequently Asked Questions:

DBA looks forward to hearing from you and, with your help, to putting on some fantastic, informative and engaging workshops.

To take part in the project please send your personal contact details to by 22nd May 2020.