DBV member Survey online

DBV have created an online survey for DeafBlind people to do at home.

This survey will help DBV find out from the DeafBlind community what they would like DBV to achieve and what information they would like DBV to share.

This will help with the development of future projects and resources for the DeafBlind community and general community.

In the past, DBV have asked the DeafBlind members at one of our cafe events to fill out a paper survey. However this time, we are making it a bit easier by having it online.

The form is now online, here is the link – https://forms.gle/XMsvJBA3d5TcX3FD8

If you are finding it difficult to complete the online form or need assistance, please ask a Commguide or contact DBV and someone will be able to assist you.

If you have already filled it out on paper instead of online, then there is no need to do this survey again.

Thanks for your time in doing the survey online as it will help DBV to know what you would like from DBV in the future. Please know all the information is confidential and won’t be shared with other people.

Thanks again for your feedback in doing this survey,

DBV team.