DeafBlind World workshop provided to City of Melbourne staff

Deafblind Victorians provided “Deafblind World” Training to City of Melbourne staff in 2016.
Here is the article and the website link.


Five members of Deaf Blind Victorians (DBV), an energetic independent community group based at Ross House, provided Council staff with a unique opportunity to experience the city as they would. Through an innovative training model where Council staff donned ear plugs and goggles, they had to navigate particular scenarios that deaf blind people experience in our city every day. Working closely with DBV is critical to planning new services such as the renewal of Kings Domain parkland, Queen Victoria Market and the Melbourne Metro Rail project. At the end of the session, we celebrated Deafblind Awareness Week and the birthday of Helen Keller, one of the 20th century’s leading humanitarians.
Here is a link to the full annual report but it is a PDF and has 218 pages.  The article is on page 28.