'Representing the Deafblind Community in Victoria'


1. DBV in the news

30-sec video from ABC Melbourne about braille technology

2022 – ABV TV news report about interpreter/commguide shortage and free Auslan TAFE courses – click here

2019 – ABC radio report about communication access with DBV’s Heather Lawson and Michelle Stevens – click here

2018 – News article about deafblindness and emergency services: click here

2017 – 3-minute video from ABC news about DBV and Traveller’s Aid – click here

2017 – 30-minute video: “Deaf and Blind: Being Me Heather” – click here

2017 – Huffington post article – click here

2016 – DBV collaborates with the City of Melbourne – click here (see page 28)

2015 – DBV recognised by the Victorian Parliament – click here (page 2224)

2015 – Research about deafblind accessibility, with DBV – click here (see page 37)

2014 – DBV presentation at Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission for International Day of Disability – click here

2013 – DBV meets the Prime Minister – click here

2012 – The Age Melbourne newspaper article on Deafblindess and government programs – click here

2. DBV video and audio links

DBV Hosts President of Japanese Federation of Deafblind
In August 2016 DBV was proud to organise and host Japanese deafblind man, Dr. Nobuyuki Takahashi, President of the Japanese Federation of Deafblind and a Doctor of Engineering Teaching at Matsuyama School of the Blind. About 80 people attended the workshop including 15 deafblind members, 16 interpreters, some volunteers, AUSLAN students and others.
Click here for a video of Dr. Nobuyuki Takahashi’s presentation.
Click here for a video of question and answers after the presentation.
Click here for highlights of Dr. Nobuyuki Takahashi’s visit.

Dangerous Deeds YouTube Channel
18 different videos from a collaboration between Victorian disability activists and stART Community Artists highlighting the disability movement. It includes a video made by DBV members. Each video has a choice of captioned, audio described, all text read and original version.
Click here to visit the Dangerous Deeds YouTube Channel.

Deafblind Victorians ‘Talk By Touch’ film
Created as part of the Dangerous Deeds project (2015), this video is about Deafblind Victorians (DBV) self advocacy group.
Click here to watch the ‘Talk By Touch’ film.

Deafblind Victorians ‘One Voice’ film
Deafblind Victorians Self Advocacy group members raise awareness by sharing stories about themselves, their experiences and explain why it’s so important that people who are deafblind connect with self advocacy.
Click here to watch the ‘One Voice’ film.

3. Advocacy links    

SARU (Self Advocacy Resource Unit)
SARU supports self advocacy groups across Victoria including DBV.
Click here to visit the SARU website.

Provides advocacy if you have housing problems.
Click here to visit the AMIDA website.

Villamanta Legal Service
They provide legal services to people with disabilities.
Click here to visit the Villamanta Legal Service website.

Disability Discrimination Legal Service
Specialises in disability discrimination legal matters.
Click here to visit the Disability Discrimination Legal Service.

4. International links

Helen Keller organisation
Click here to visit the Helen Keller website.

Sense UK
A non-profit organisation based in the UK advocating and raising awareness about deafblindness.
Click here to visit the Sense website.

Talk Film
A BBC comedy film that turns things around so that ‘abled bodied’ people are discriminated against.
Click here to watch the first half of the ‘Talk’ film.
Click here to watch the second half of the ‘Talk’ film.


A place for deafblind people to come and do training with two amazing teachers – click here

2 Responses to “Links”

  1. June M Freeman (Adelaide)

    Hi and greetings to all. My name is June Freeman and I’m trying to contact Jasper {Cleland} who very happily works with your organization. We recently spent some time together and exchanged emails [or maybe I just wrote Jasper’s down]. Anyway I have lost his email address and would love to catch up with him again, so would you kindly pass this on to him for me.

    Warm regards, June Freeman

    • Deafblind Victoria

      HI June,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Jasper is happy for me to pass on his email address to you. I’ve sent it to your email address.

      All the best,



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