DBV Newsletter #5, Feb 2021

Editorial news – Trudy Ryall, dbvtrudy@gmail.com

Hello DBV newsletters started up because the DeafBlind Victoria monthly café had been postponed until we are allowed to meet again in 2021.  DBV want to make sure everyone continues to stay connected about Deafblind advocacy and contribute their stories.

Access to hospitals – Ntennis Davi, dbvntennis@gmail.com

Expression Australia and Deaf Victoria met with DeafBlind Victoria Committee members in February 2021 to talk about the project they have been working on to improve experiences deafblind people have in hospitals.  A hospital can save your life and help you recover from illness, so it’s important that all of us have good access to them. Some hospitals are good at making sure that deafblind patients know what’s happening, and let us decide about our own health. Sometimes a hospital does not provide interpreters, or communicate well with us, and that can be difficult and frightening.  For more information contact Ntennis Davi.

Technology Project Phoebe Wells, Phoebe.Wells@ableaustralia.org.au

Using Technology to enable participation of people with deafblindness: Participants wanted!   Are you a person with deafblindness, or are you a family member of a person with deafblindness?  Do you live in Victoria?  Are you or your family member interested in exploring technology?  We are a group of therapists and technology experts working with Able Australia.  We are running a project looking at technology to assist people with deafblindness.  We are looking for Victorians with deafblindness who are interested in exploring how they use technology.  To find out how you can be involved, please contact: Phoebe Wells 

Global Yarn bombing project, Trudy Ryall, dbvtrudy@gmail.com

DeafBlind Victoria hopes to promote DeafBlind Awareness week in City of Melbourne. This includes gathering materials like pom poms, knitting or crocheting squares to join up and put on trees / sculptures.  If you would like to participate please email deafblindadvocacy@gmail.com

DeafBlind International has promoted a world-wide project see website: https://www.deafblindinternational.org/get-involved/yarn-bombing-2021

Tye Recreation Fund (DEAFBLIND CRAFT GROUP) Trudy Ryalldbvtrudy@gmail.com

DBV received funding from Tye Recreation Fund Deaf Children Australia.  These funds were established inthe 1940s by Allen and Cecilia Tye Estate which is administered for the benefit of deaf and blind Victorians for example to buy materials and for deafblind people to participate in activities.  DBV are wanting to start for a craft group for a few weeks (Wednesdays) if anyone is interested in participating please email Trudy deafblindadvocacy@gmail.com

Auslan Interpreters free access for Seniors, Richard Howell r.mhowell@bigpond.com

DeafBlind seniors over 65 years of age can access Auslan supported services. Free sign language Auslan interpreting services are now available for seniors who are deafblind to get access to aged care services.  Auslan Connections will be responsible to provide interpreting services.  National Auslan Booking Services (NABS) will also provide interpreting assistance for private medical appointments for seniors over 65 and/or who are ineligible for NDIS.

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