'Representing the Deafblind Community in Victoria'

Resources and merchandise

1. Shirt shop


By buying a shirt you are supporting DBV, and promoting community awareness about deafblind communication.

  • $20 for t-shirt
  • $35 for polo shirt (long sleeve with UV protection )
  • $7.50 postage

All prices are Australian dollars.

Both shirts are navy blue with white print.



1. Email dbvfinance@gmail.com

2. In the subject line write “shirt order”

3. In the body of the email include the following:

  • Name
  • Postal address
  • Mobile phone
  • Email address
  • How many shirts
  • Style: t-shirt or long sleeve polo
  • Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL or children’s sizes

4. DBV will contact you to arrange payment.

2. DBV Lockdown newsletters

3. Guide to Zoom meetings for Deafblind braille users

DBV’s Michelle Stevens has written a document to help Deafblind braille users get started with Zoom teleconferencing.

Click here to download the guide, or get in touch with DBV for more information.

4. Deafblind Communication posters and booklets

Poster - How to communicate with me (Deafblind Awareness)

Posters and booklets with helpful advice about deafblind communication.

These resources were produced by DBV with support from the City of Melbourne.

The posters and booklets include information on how to guide, how to alert a Deafblind person to an emergency, and some simple signs in Auslan.

Contact DBV for more information.

5. Auslan alphabet text description

This resource was developed by DBV for blind and deafblind learners.

Download the right-handed Auslan alphabet (text description)

Download the left-handed Auslan alphabet (text description)

Click here to access the resource as a webpage on our site.

6. Tactile Interpreting tables

Custom-made tactile Auslan interpreting tables, with fully adjustable legs, a comfortable vinyl surface and two cup holders.

Price: $1,480.00, including a soft travel case. To order, email dbvfinance@gmail.com.

Tables are also available to hire – $50 per day or $200 per week.

7. Our Right to Safety and Respect, a resource for women with disabilities

This resource is about violence, abuse, safety and respect. It is by and for women with disabilities. Versions are available in plain English, Easy English, Auslan, braille (grades 1 & 2), audio and audio-described video. It was developed by Women With Disabilities Victoria. Deafblind Victoria consulted with WDV on braille versions of the guide. See the DBV website article for more information.

8. Deafblind Awareness videos

Two 7-minute Deafblind Awareness videos in Auslan and English, interpreted, audio described and subtitled.

Produced in collaboration with Deafblind Information Australia, Deafblind West Australians, Deafblind SA, Hunter Deafblind Group, June 2022.

9. Guiding – instructional videos

A short introduction to guiding a Deafblind person indoors. The following techniques are shown:

  1. Basic guiding
  2. Tables, chairs and objects
  3. Guiding a hand
  4. Stairs
  5. Wheelchair
  6. Walking frame

Part 2 will show guiding outdoors and in the community. Contact DBV for more information.

This resource was made with support from Melbourne Polytechnic.

Guiding a Deafblind person in an emergency:

10. Hospital kits

Communication resources for Deafblind people who are hospital patients and may not always have access to communication with staff. Click here for more info and contact DBV for resources.

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