'Representing the Deafblind Community in Victoria'

Support DeafBlind Victoria

DeafBlind Victoria solely rely on funding to operate. Committee members are all volunteers and raise small amount of funds by selling DBV T-shirts (see link to buy) providing workshops and occasional community awareness raising.

Supporting DBV puts DeafBlind people at the forefront for community inclusion, diversity and self-determination.

What kind of support does DeafBlind Victoria need? 

There are many things you could do to support DeafBlind Victoria:

  • donations/bequest;
  • funding to allow DBV members to meet regularly;
  • continue our work to support the DeafBlind community;
  • receive communication access to tactile and Auslan interpreters;
  • accessible equipment and technology;
  • provide training and awareness to Auslan interpreters and to the wider community;
  • continue to pay DBV office space;
  • organise a peer group at monthly DBV cafe
  • provide and invite guest speakers;
  • provide DeafBlind World workshops;

DBV members are often asked to speak at National and International conferences however the costs of travel, accommodation, communication guides and Auslan interpreters are usually too high. Funding is needed to support our public engagements.

Any kind of support is greatly appreciated by DeafBlind Victoria.

(Possibility to set up a ‘Donate” button on this page check with WIX  feature?)

2 Responses to “Support DeafBlind Victoria”

  1. Mathew Fitzsimon

    I write to thank you for the opportunity to attend your enlightening workshop this afternoon.

    It was a humbling experience to be amongst so many brave people, and extremely beneficial to have representatives from major public transport stakeholders in attendance.

    Moving forward, Victoria Police welcomes the opportunity to work with other agencies in creating greater public awareness of the challenges deaf and blind people face when using public transport.
    Matthew Fitzsimon
    Transit Safety Division | Victoria Police

    • deafblindadvocacy

      Great Workshop for public transport sector. Well done DBV members and thanks to the participants from Metro Trams, Yarra Trams, PTV, Victoria Police and Travellers Aid.


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