Newsletter Issue 1 – August 2020

  1.  A message from Trudy Ryall Administration & Events Manager & editor of the DBV newsletters.
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Hello everyone. Happy spring! Enjoy the warmth and the smell of flowers. The DBV newsletter has started up because the DeafBlind Victoria monthly café has been postponed until we are allowed to meet again, and we want to make sure everyone stays connected. The newsletter is to keep the deafblind community informed and bring up issues about anything especially advocacy and ideas about overcoming barriers with deafblindness.

  • DBV members information (tips, topics, ideas, jokes & achievements.)

Deafblind tips By Heather Lawson 

Hello, I would love to share one of many tips with you all to learn of my tricks. I have my commguides or friends assist me for food shopping. I usually buy seven bananas for a week. As I am deafblind, I cannot see the colours of green or yellow bananas. So how do I know the different colours? My supporters tell me the colours then I usually have a way to know the colour difference. The four yellow bananas I pull them off the bunch so they are individual bananas. Then I keep the three green bananas in a bunch for later use. I put all bananas in the fruit bowl.  Every morning I feel and pick ne yellow banana and eat it. Yummy! When yellow ones are gone then I break the green ones off the bunch that turn yellow later in the week.  One thing I never found the “bananas in pyjamas” named B1 and B2. They probably hide from me, scared if I accidentally take them home! 

  • ILC project updates by Ntennis Davi 

DBV is excited to have funding from the NDIS for 3 years! The funding helps pay for our office, some paid work for 4 Deafblind staff (Trudy, Heather, Paola and Michelle) and for a project manager (Ntennis). The aim of the project is to help DBV grow and become stronger. We want to see DBV advocate for the Deafblind community for many years to come. In the second year, we will look for another Deafblind project worker to join us. We are especially interested in any younger Deafblind people who want to learn about self-advocacy and get some skills working in a community group – you don’t need experience. It’s a paid job for a few hours a week. Let us know if you are interested or have someone in mind – email, or get in touch with any of the DBV team.

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  • Women who experience family domestic violence (Braille guide) 
  • A braille guide to Zoom – a braille guide   
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