'Representing the Deafblind Community in Victoria'

Become A Member of DBV

It is free to become a member of DeafBlind Victoria. DBV welcomes people in Victoria, across Australia and around the world who are DeafBlind or interested to learn more about the DeafBlind community to join with us.

DBV is a place where DeafBlind people come together and share similar issues and find ways to overcome them.

As a member of DBV you have the opportunity to:

  • become part of the DBV committee;
  • make new friends
  • network with DeafBlind people, Communication guides (commguides), Deaf interpreters, Hearing interpreters, Auslan students, guest speakers and volunteers;
  • learn new skills to self-advocate;
  • understanding the needs and rights of a DeafBlind person;
  • advocate to government and community organisations for better services and support;
  • raise community awareness on deafblindness;
  • attend DBV Cafe, DBV’s events, forums and conferences;
  • work with DeafBlind Australia and other states on shared goals;
  • promote and work at DeafBlind World workshops.

Come join us as we build in strength and support the lives of the DeafBlind community of Victoria, Australia.

Below is a membership form to register.

One Response to “Become A Member of DBV”

  1. Janice King

    I would like to become a member please, and be notified of future events


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