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Links about DBV

DBV committee member Heather Lawson interviewed on ABC News Breakfast

Heather was interviewed in an episode that aired in January 2017 about the benefit of having the Travellers Aid Companion Service for the Deafblind community, about the good relationship DBV have with Travellers Aid (TAA). DBV and TAA have been worked together and ran three Deafblind World workshops for TAA Volunteers last year.  
Click here to watch the ABC News video clip.

Melbourne City Council Experiencing the City Through Deafblind Victorians

In June 2016 during deafblind awareness week, seven deafblind members and sixteen staff helped run a Deafblind World workshop for Melbourne City Council staff at Melbourne Town Hall. Council staff had the opportunity to experience a Deafblind World and to learn about our life with deafblindess. We also presented on what DBV is, different types of communication, deafblindness and technology, and guiding techniques.
Click here and visit page 28 to read about the Deafblind World experience.

Melbourne City Council Forum, Understanding Accessibility Sensory Disabilities
In 2015, Trudy and Heather from DBV took part in collaborative research on navigation issues and understanding accessibility for sensory disabilities run by Studio Thick. Heather was featured in a film presented, as deafblind person walking with her white cane showing the barriers she encounters in the city.
Click here and visit page 37 to read the Understanding Accessibility Sensory Disabilities deafblind research findings.

DBV mentioned in Parliament
Victorian Parliamentary Secretary, Gabrielle Williams raised the profile of deafblindness in Parliament, after a meeting with the DeafBlind Victorians Self Advocacy group in June 2015.
Click here and visit page 18 (with number 2224 on top left of page) to read about deafblind awareness.

Inquiry into social inclusion and Victorians with a disability
Click here to read DBV’s submission to this inquiry made in 2014.

DBV presentation at Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission for International Day of Disability
Click here to view the presentation made in 2014.

The Age article about AUSLAN, featuring DBV founding member Heather Lawson
Click here to read the article on Heather published in the Age newspaper in 2012.